Senior Superlatives!


Alexandra Soler, Writer

This year the seniors were given a list of about 30 different superlatives and a list of everyone in the graduating class of 2021. This is a yearly tradition that the ILS students participate in.

On this list there were the common ones like: Best Eyes, Nicest Smile and Most Likely to Become Famous. Along with the common superlatives, there are a one that are related to the school, such as, Most Likely to be a Part of the ILS Family. Voting was conducted via email with the senior class and a few lucky students were chosen by their fellow classmates to represent the group.

Some examples of superlative this year are:

  • Pablo Amat and Gabi Esposito for Most Artistic;
  • Yaniel Rodriguez for Most Likely to Brighten Your Day;
  • Cesar Alfonzo for Best Smile;
  • Belen Gonzalez and Emma Obregon for Dynamic Duo;
  • Andres Marquez and Isabella Beltran for Most Dramatic;
  • Charlize Ramos for Most School Sprint;
  • Pedro Beron Vera for Best Eyes;
  • Maximus Betancourt for Most Talkative;
  • Layla San Miguel for Most Likely to have Their Own Reality Show;
  • Grant Gold for Most Likely to be Part of the ILS Family;
  • Gaby Echarri for Class Clown;
  • Jeronimo Cañedo for Best All Around;
  • and Julio Maragall for Most Likely to Succeed.

The school shared these superlatives on the Instagram page: Here and Here.

“We are appreciative for the laughs and adventures,” read the school’s caption on Instagram. “We want you to know that we think you are SUPER and we celebrate YOU!”

“It was fun seeing who got chosen for what, and everyone’s reactions when they were chosen. No one expects it so it’s a big surprise for everyone,” said senior Cristina Fanfani.

As the seniors high school career winds to a close, they have several more traditional events coming, including Athletic and Academic Awards (May 19), graduation practice (May 21) and both the Baccalaureate Mass and Graduation (Ma7 24).