Drama: The Best Club at ILS


Sophia Rabelo, Writer

One of Immaculata-La Salle’s best clubs on campus is the ILS Drama Club. In my total four years at La Salle, this has been my favorite club.

The Drama Club at ILS offers many activities and events for the students members to attend of be apart of. From Escape Rooms to full on production shows, there is no shortage for what a student who becomes a member can participate in. 

For the most part most students join Drama Club to be apart of the shows, the winter play and the spring musical. These shows are the heart of Drama Club and require a lot of hard work and effort to put on. 

One of my first shows here, Shrek: the Musical, was probably one of my favorite memories made in high school. I’ll always remember my first musical at the school and the dedication it took to play a puppet character and three other roles. Needless to say quick changes were not easy but never the less fun all around. 

Although if singing and dancing isn’t really your style then you can audition for the club’s annual play. 

My favorite play to be apart of at ILS was, clue. Some people find this choosing odd, seeing as we never were able to perform the show due to Covid and school closing. Even so, this play was really fun to rehearse and try and put on.

The play was a comedic piece, which I’m used to doing having been casted in only comedic roles in past productions. It felt like I was right at home when we would rehearse, the comedy made the experience of just putting the show together worth it. 

Although if you don’t consider yourself an actor or singer, then there are many possibilities still open for you to be apart of these shows. One of the most important aspects of a show is tech.

Teching refers to the technical jobs needed to make any live theater show work. For example, stage hands, make up, lighting, sound, etc. 

One of my favorite shows to tech was Phantom of The Opera. During this production I had many roles while working in tech such as, make up, stage hands, costume (helping actors for quick changes), and having to drop a chandelier on stage using wires. 

This experience showed me there is so much more that goes into a show than just acting, I highly recommend doing both acting and teching as it will give you such an appreciation for the craft.

Productions aren’t the only thing Drama Club offers, there are other events and groups to be apart of as well. 

One popular event at ILS is the Drama Club’s escape room. This is put on every year around Halloween for charity. Not only is it for a good cause but it’s also a lot of fun to be apart of, weather your creating puzzles for people to escape or being an actor to help guide the participants.

Another activity to be apart of while in Drama is thespians. This is technically a sub group of Drama but still no less fun all the same. Thespians offers you the chance to compete your piece of work, weather it be a song, monologue, scene, art department, etc. Students get to travel to Tampa to compete in a completion against other high schools.

While I unfortunately never got to experience this due to Covid, I remember seeing the upperclassmen at the time really enjoy themselves on these trips.

All that being said, Drama Club is an amazing experience that changes your time at La Salle. I can say that I would have extremely missed out if I had never joined and I always encourage other students to join because not only is it really fun but you are able to gain a family from this, and I think that’s the most important thing in a club.