Advice for Being in LTV


Noor Andre, Editor

LTV is a well known broadcast made by ILS students themselves for the rest of the ILS community to enjoy. They use the entire community to create a ten minute video that entertains and informs school news. 

This class is available for anyone in any grade. This means that it is never too late to join.

I remember visiting ILS as an eighth grader and admiring the effort and work that goes into producing the show. I imagined myself being one of those students on the screen.  However my freshman year when picking my electives, I did not select this class as one of my options. This is because I had doubts on my abilities and how I would do in that class as a freshman. 

When the time came to making this decision again as a sophomore, I decided I was not going to make the same mistake again even though I still had my reservations. 

The TV Production one class includes learning how to use all the equipment in the studio. You learn how to use the editing software, the green screen, and the cameras. When you are ready, you start using the equipment to film and edit your own segments just like a typical LTV student. 

The TV Production two class includes being an anchor and segment producer for the show. It includes of solely producing work and content for the broadcast. 

Finally, the TV Production three and four include of senior segments and creating work for a portfolio. It is a tradition for seniors to have their own segments that air on the show weekly. 

My advice to those taking TV one is to take the time to properly learn the ins and outs of what goes into producing the show. For the best editing, it is important to learn the software to the best of your abilities. For better quality filming, it is also important to pay attention to how to use the cameras. 

My advice to those taking TV two is to not be afraid to use what you have learned. After taking TV one, you have the necessary knowledge needed so use that and your creativity to bring your ideas to life. 

One thing people struggle with in TV two is actually being on LTV. The thought of them being seen on the screen by the entire school makes them nervous. So they choose to do stuff that doesn’t require them being on camera. However, my advice is to put yourself out there and it’ll get easier with time. 

My advice to those taking TV three and four is to have fun creating. During these years, the students make a portfolio so I say to produce things you are proud to see in your portfolio. 

My advice to rest of the student body, those who aren’t taking this class is to watch the show. The students put their time and effort into making the show and the best reward is appreciation.