7 Tips to Finishing the School Year Strong


Noor Andre, Editor

As finals week and the end of the school year approach, it gets harder and harder to stay focused and motivated in school. This is especially true for the seniors who are so close to graduation.

How ever hard this may be, it is still important to end the year in a good note and there are several tips to follow. These tips are some easy to follow school hacks that can make it easier to avoid procrastination and laziness. Even though we are all impatiently waiting for summer, we should not let procrastination and laziness get the best of us.  

Tip #1: Get Organized 

Getting organized plays an important role in making sure that all your tasks are completed. This can be done by making daily checklists or creating weekly schedules. Setting and accomplishing daily goals allow us to get things done in a timely manner. Being an organized student also increases your productivity.

Tip #2: Get Ahead  

When students procrastinate, they leave their assignments until the last minute. This leads to more stress and more difficulty because their workload piles up. Getting ahead and doing assignments when you have time before the due date frees up more time. During this free time, you could either relax or study. 

Tip #3: Get Focused 

While doing homework, it is very easy for one to get distracted. While sitting down and doing work may seem time consuming, we actually waste more time by being distracted on our phone while doing work. This is why it is important to set up a space free of distractions to stay focused. Even if this means shutting off your phone and finding a quiet place. 

Tip #4: Get Motivated 

Finding motivation is hard, this is why it is important to find ways to stay motivated. One way to do this is to give yourself incentives. This would be giving yourself an award for accomplishing a certain amount of work. Another great way to stayed motivated is getting support from friends who are going through the same thing. 

Tip #5: Get Prioritizing  

Having a lot of hard work such as long assignments or projects can be discouraging. This can be easily fixed by getting the hard stuff done first. Getting those things out of the way leaves more time to complete more simpler assignments. This also helps with relieving future stress.  

Tip #6: Get Sleep

Sleep is important throughout the entire school year. Sleep allows us to perform better in school because sleep deprivation doesn’t allow us to reach our full potential during classes. One way to ensure enough time to sleep is finishing your work early or not leaving studying to the last minute.  

Tip #7: Get Studying 

The end of the school year means finals are coming up. Even if you are not taking finals, there is always a test to study for. Many of us are guilty for leaving studying for the last minute. Making sure you finish the year strong includes doing well on tests so take the proper amount of time to study. 

The tips listed above are seven helpful ways to help students finish the year off strong. However, these tips can also be applied throughout the entire school year. 

Practicing these tips and making them become habits will help you become a better and happier student overall. A student who avoids stress by staying away from procrastination and laziness. 

Besides applying these tips to school, they can also be applied to life to enhance your work ethic. Making you an overall well organized, determined, and properly time managed person. 

Following these tips are the first step to becoming a responsible student and possibly even giving you more free time on the weekend. Many other tips and hacks can help accomplish these things but these seven are a good start.