ILS: Forever a Home


Camilla Diez, Editor

ILS is a home for many and with that we need to enjoy every second of it, because before you know it you are ready to graduate.

It’s easy to say you’ll be graduating in four years once you’re a freshman but what you don’t realize is that those four years pass by in a snap. Take in all those moments that you have with your teachers and friends and most importantly take advantage of all the opportunities ILS gives you.

One thing I took for granted before Covid-19 is sitting at lunch with my friends. Something so simple was the highlight of my day everyday, this the moment where you’re able to sit with your friends and catch up.

I really took for granted those moments with my friends, now with Covid guidelines in place everything is more difficult and makes me look back at my four years and I could really think back to those days.

Not only lunch but also class time with my teachers and peers. So many teachers have made a huge impact in my life, their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.

It’s important to make a good and strong connection with your teachers. They really do care about you even if you don’t notice.

If you ever have an issue they are there to help you, not only that but once you create a bond with them it’s so much more then them teaching you academically, they also teach you good morals.

I will never forget that one teacher that whenever I was having a bad day would call me over to her desk and ask me what’s wrong and give me advice. These are things that will stay with me forever because this teacher didn’t have to do that, she could’ve kept teaching but instead anytime she saw someone was having a bad day she would do everything possible in her power to help.

Or my junior year where I had the most incredible English teacher that was the funniest and most caring one out there. We all created such a strong bond with him that we were even invited to his wedding, that doesn’t happen at every school.

Nonetheless, every teacher at ILS is unique from the way they teach to the way they help us out.

Another thing is getting involved in everything you possibly can, you’re going to hear it a million times but I cannot stress the importance of this.

Once you’re a senior you’re going to want to look back and see how you’ve grown as a person, getting involved really does change you. Even just joining once club makes a difference.

Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone and try new things, high school is all about the experiences. Take all those opportunities you’re given.

ILS has provided me with a home and when I say home I really do mean it, I hav never complained about having to go to school because in reality you have fun one way or another.

That may sound weird to you because usually everyone relates school with boring, but I don’t and I am so thankful.

ILS will be your forever home, you will look back and be thankful for all the relationships you made and the good work you did for others.