Finals Week Approaches For Non-Seniors of ILS


Victoria Sosadias, Writer

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! With the whining and groaning, the cramming a growing, student’s eyes full of fear! It’s the unhappiest time, of the year!

It’s gonna be finals week soon! It already passed for our seniors, so unfortunately, I can’t help them with my excellent advice. But, luckily for all of us underclassmen, our finals aren’t until late May.

Didn’t pay attention during your AP Gov class? Welp, now you have to take a final for it, so kudos to you. Now would be the time to pay attention to this article, however, cause if you clicked on it, I can practically see your hair falling out due to stress.

1.) Get off Social Media

Repeat after me: you are officially going OFF THE RADAR. Friends really need you? They can call or text you. But, for the next few weeks, you NEED to start studying and stop binge-watching every show that catches your eye. Finals week isn’t a game, you either pay attention all year and pass, or take the final and pray until your lungs run out of air.

“I’m not very good at studying so a top I would definitely give is putting your phone outside of your room. It really helps you focus and not loose focus,” said junior Alvaro Amat.

2.) Start ASAP and Plan Ahead

The final is in approximately three weeks, so start studying. The best explainer himself, Mr. West (go sub to West Explains Best on YouTube) says that:

“Preparing for finals is tough for everyone, but a worthwhile venture that translates well to preparation in everyday life tasks. The best way to prepare for finals is in stages, breaking up the content into small, manageable chunks, at least 2 weeks in advance of the final.”

West also suggests rewriting notes, concepts, or problems, as it “emphasizes the mental and kinesthetic (which means using physical motion) aspect of learning. Note cards and study partners are a must also. Note cards, because it allows you to easily go forward and backward with information (ex: studying the definition and saying the vocal word and vice versa), and study partners because it helps hold you accountable to actual learning and staying on track.”

If you prepare a little each day, then before you know it you’ll have flown through your entire year of class and will be ready enough to take your final. You might not pass with flying colors, but, you won’t fail! Everybody loves not-failing, right?

3.) Stay Calm

Okay, you messed up and didn’t pay attention all year and now, it’s time for finals. Realize your situation here. Yes, you have to cram an entire years worth of God knows how many subjects in a few weeks. But, maybe take this as an opportunity to learn from your mistakes. You’re not gonna be doing much learning during your cramming weeks, since you’re probably just gonna memorize those formulas until the test, pass out at home and forget it all by the time you wake up.

It doesn’t matter. You can do this. Eat right and get enough sleep. Organize your schedule and keep it together. 

We aren’t out of the woods yet, and the only way out is through. Good luck to all of you, and that may the cramming Gods give you mercy.