‘Cinderella’ a Huge Success for ILS Drama


The ILS Drama Club came together for the first live, in-person performance in more than a year last week with their production of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s classic musical Cinderella. The show itself proved to be a marvel, demonstrating the talent, creativity and ingenuity of the all those involved with ILS Drama.

This event marked the first live, in-person event for the club since before the COVID-19 shut down in March of 2020. The drama club’s show from earlier this year, Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night or What You Will, was exclusively live-streamed. Tickets for Cinderella’s in-person seating, limited to 50 persons due to COVID-19 protocols, sold out quickly for each of the three showings. Each of the three showings, May 13th, 14th and 15th, were live-streamed for audiences at home to enjoy.

Sophomore Ana Rincon carried the show as Cinderella. Her vocals showed incredible range and dazzled the audiences. She engaged those present and emoted beautifully throughout her performance.

“The most exciting thing was seeing the audience clap whenever something works,” said Rincon after the show. “That’s when you know it’s working and that you’re doing a good job.”

Seniors in the show included Alma Pichardo, who played the Fairy Godmother, and Victoria Gartner, who played Joy.

“It’s our first play back. Amazing,” said Pichardo. “We could definitely feel the audience’s energy, and that helped with our performance. Super happy to have that.”

Juniors in the cast included Amy Lam (Queen), Francjose Lopez (Prince) and Alvaro Amat (King). Sophomores in the show were Ana Lynch (Stepmother), Mercy Cabrera (Portia), Chiara Cannis (Herald), Mackenzie Granado (Chef/Coachman), Barbara Fernandez (Football/Minister). Freshman included Victoria Harding (Steward) and Pierina Santeusanio (Townsperson).

The actors were equipped with special see-through face masks for the production so that the audience could see the nuances of the performances on the students’ faces.

Lopez, who played the Prince, admitted to nerves prior to the production, but didn’t feel that way during the actual show. “I was just grateful and glad that people got to watch the show. We worked really hard on this.”

The players themselves were decks out in full costumes, playing in front of a full set. The set, built in part by ILS maintenance staff member Alejandro Caneiro, featured moving parts that gave the show a real Broadway feel.

The show was directed by ILS Drama teacher and moderator, Mrs. Lianne Rodriguez. Mr. Josue Cabrera was the Musical Director, and Mr. Armando Alicandu helped with Sound Engineering.

The live stream for the show was handled by Mr. Tony Mendez and Mr. Omar Gutierrez. ILS Graphic Design and STEAM teacher, Mrs. Elena Capablanca, designed the playbill, while Ms. Gia Spencer provided social media coverage and Mr. Eric Taggart provided technical support.

“It’s really awesome to see these kids come on stage and use their talents,” said Mr. Shaheen. “Cinderella is awesome, the Prince is great. They’re doing a really great job.”

Junior Carlota Matos said: “I think it’s amazing and everyone did an amazing job. The set looks incredible. And I really think this is one of the best shows La Salle has put on.”

Senior Luli Nieto-Ramos echoed that sentiment. “Fantastic. Beautiful, magical and everything that I wanted.”

This was truly a team effort, as even the ILS Costume and Makeup classes created pumpkin props for the production. Students were encouraged to design pumpkins of all shapes, sizes, colors and textures. They used materials such as plastic bags, newspaper, paper mâché, paint and glitter to create these.