Classical Music Review: A Look Into the Harmonious Side of Music


Allison Perez, Writer

When many think of classical music, the typical opinion from a teenager would be that it’s boring and only entertaining for people from the 18th century. In actuality, there is actually a very diverse array of classical music — and that means that there’s a piece for everyone. Some only have a piano, others have violin, and a few have so many instruments that they all just blend together to create one, cohesive sound. Here are a few a worth a listen.

Song 1: The Swan by Camille Saint-Saëns

This song evokes a very nostalgic and heartwarming feeling. The way the instruments fuse together leads to the formation of a soft melody, one that feels comforting, as though it tells a soothing story along with it. The harp that plays in the background adds a subtle, yet important sound transforming the whole piece into a mystical song. Overall, this song is a 9/10, and recommended for anyone looking for a poetic and touching instrumental.

Song 2: Liebestraum by Franz Liszt

The way the beginning of this song builds up is very satisfying, leading listeners into the rest of the song perfectly. Its alternation between fast and slow pace and loud and quiet beats entice encouraging ongoing listening and wondering as to what could come next. At the end, the part when the beat becomes louder and faster is so full of emotion and passion, making it a perfect conclusion. It is truly a unique piece of classical music as its differences from other classical pieces makes it stand out. This song is a 10/10, and recommended for anyone seeking spirited tune.

Song 3: Nocturne Op. 9 by Frédéric Chopin

This piece keeps a steady pace for most part, but has additional beats in the background that stand out amongst the rest. This, along with the increasing volume throughout, are what make the it so outstanding. It gives the feeling similar to what one might feel while wandering through a castle, with a storm brewing in the sky outside. It is an iconic piece among the classical music community, and it makes sense as to why. A 7/10, and recommended for anyone who wants to hear a calming, yet strong piece of music.