Mano a Mano: LaSalle vs Lourdes

Miguel Eduardo Gomez Gudino, Writer

A nail-biting matchup went down between the Lourdes Bobcats and the Royal Lions Varsity Volleyball team Thursday, September 9th, 2021 resulting in an unfortunate 0-3 loss for the ILS Varsity team. Part of what made the game difficult was that the Royal Lions were the underdogs, facing a strange crowd at this away game.

Even though they lost this game, they have been working hard at perfecting their craft in the gym and on the courts since the summer and are getting ready to make a comeback in future games. They are stronger than ever and prepared to take down the next team they play.

Head Coach Danny Saladrigas has been modifying the Varsity team’s game plan to maximize the potential of the girls along with Coach Andres Saladrigas, Coach Melissa Capablanca and Coach Maria Cuesta. These modifications have given the Varsity team the ability to achieve a strong start to the season and a 6-2 overall record.

“Our coaches have helped us in many ways… pin pointing each of our problems on the court and helping us work on them to improve them as the season goes on,” said Junior Alfonsina Santucho.

This goes to show how hard the Varsity team has been working and that this loss is just a bump on the road to success.

The training leading up to that game had been made up of consistent weight-lifting and practicing new strategies. The coaches have been placing a lot of importance on not getting cocky, because the players are typically very successful on the court.

“Without their support and guidance we would not be playing together at such a high level. They have been emphasizing playing smart and staying humble.” said Junior Carolina Juara on their coaches training method.

Not only have they been working on staying humble, but they have also been working on staying confident, including in the wake of losing this game.

With a different crowd and less of your home fans to cheer you on. “Letting negative emotions take over during a game has only proven to bring us down.” said Junior Bella Blaikie on Thursday’s away game.

Though the Varsity team lost this game, they and their coaches know they are capable of bringing their “A” game in the future. The Varsity girls, their coaches, and their supporters are confident in how aggressive the team can play, and prepared to grow from this loss and use it as a learning experience to come out triumphant at future games. Their last home game will be against MAST Academy September 13, 2021 be sure to show up and give them all your support.