Patricia Quimby-Moro: Driven by Many Interests


Patricia Quimby-Moro

Patricia Quimby-Moro enjoys spending time with her good friend, sophomore Maya Martinez.

Miguel Gomez , Writer

All high school sophomores have their own personal endeavors where they can work on themselves, but what really differs in Patricia Quimby-Moro is how she dedicates herself to everything she is passionate about. While known for being the warm and intelligent person seen smiling in the halls, she has a life outside of school like no other, where she raises awareness and speaks out in her community on everyday issues.

“I consider myself to be very politically active. I volunteer with an organization called Engage Miami which works to get youth in Miami more civically involved in any processes that they are passionate about,” she said.

“Recently, I attended the Miami-Dade County Commision budget meetings, mostly so I could do my best to represent the underrepresented in terms of the budget. I think it’s so important for young people to be civically engaged, and social media is a great way to get people interested,” she further explained.

Many teenagers have opinions on politics or social issues, but Quimby-Moro is looking to get people engaged and to take action through her social media platform just as much as she does.

“Lately, I’ve been really into Japanese author Haruki Murakami because I appreciate being able to see themes in other cultures that are reflected universally. Murakami writes a lot about adolescence, coping with grief, and love which are themes anyone can relate to,” she said.

Intelligent as she may be, she still struggles with building an identity and reaching the goals she has set for herself.

“I think it’s so important to have a good understanding of who you are, and that’s something I haven’t quite been able to figure out yet,” she said.

Quimby-Moro sees herself as an affectionate and bright person.

“My family and the potential for my future motivate me everyday,” she said.

Her family motivates her more than anything as she has a deep and unbreakable gratitude, especially for her mother.

When not working on her latest project, Quimby-Moro relaxes by hanging out with her friends and watching shows like SNL or Dave Chappelle’s comedy specials. Her favorite band is Slaughter Beach Dog.

“Patricia is my soul sister. She puts all of her energy into the things and people that she loves. She is one of the most special and admirable people I know,”said sophomore Maya Martinez of her best friend.