Made for This: ILS Cross Country



Sophomore Captain Colette Finley perseveres.

Miguel Eduardo Gomez Gudino, Writer

The ILS Cross Country team is showing what they’re made of starting the season off with three opportunities to shine, September 14, 17, and 30th. A smaller team for sure, they are looking like they were born for the moment as a new and promising season awaits under leadership from Coach John Ierardi and Coach Dilenia Gomez.

Before the race on the 30th, they felt confident because they accomplished consistent training regimens.

Junior Pier Roca improved his personal record (PR)>

“It was painful because it was so hot, but I pushed through and got one second off of my PR,” he said.

“We have improved a lot since the beginning of the school year and I feel we can continue to do great with some effort. We are definitely a smaller team than most teams, but that doesn’t make us less good,” said sophomore team captain, Colette Finley.

At the meet at Larry & Penny Thompson Park September 14, junior Alma Penaloza got 30 minutes for the JV Girls. For the Girls Varsity, Finley finished with 27 minutes and junior Nabila Osman with 28. Finally, for the Boys Varsity finished with junior Pier Roca, freshman Kennedy Garay, and junior Sebastián Larrota with 21 minutes.

”In addition, certain courses are more difficult such as Larry and Penny which is very rocky and narrow and Tropical Park which has a hill,”said Penaloza.

Regarding the South County Regional Park race on September 17, freshman Marcella Orlandini got 22 minutes, Sophomore Mariam Osman 23, junior Alessia Quirós and Finley 25, and freshman Sarah Henriques 27 for Varsity Girls.

For Varsity Boys, Roca and Garay finished with 21 minutes, and sophomore Alejandro Barahona and Munera ended with 24 minutes each. Sophomore Lia Broder ended with 33 minutes, freshman Armas ended with 27, and Penaloza with 28 for the JV Girls.

While the team is seeing nothing but huge improvements, they still are looking to work on their own when they are not practicing together.

“This season to get better and take care of my body I am trying my best to foam roll and stretch everyday. I also run on my own and when I miss practice to make sure to still get the workout done and send it to the coaches,” said Osman.