In and Out Key Biscayne


Key Biscayne Bikers

Isabella Black, Features Editor


In less than a month, the KBPD has made 173 traffic stops, to both drivers and cyclists. The high volume of cyclists has caused a great deal of problems for drivers leaving and entering the island. 

“They complain when accidents occur and are quick to blame the drivers but, they keep on riding where they shouldn’t,” said senior Mariana Naranjo. 

These cyclists care so much about their health, yet continue to put their lives at risk. Every time they ride alone at night or traverse roads during hours with heavy traffic, and particularly when they ride outside of the designated cycling lanes.

“At least if they decide to drive where cars do, they could pay attention to the traffic lights, stop signs and yield signs,” said senior Emiliana Antelo.

The KBPD has warned cyclists there will be a surge in police presence along the Rickenbacker Causeway with officers planning on stopping both cyclists and drivers in an attempt to maintain a safe environment for everyone.