‘Till Next Time: ILS Football


Not a loss, but a time to grow smarter, faster and stronger.

Miguel Gomez, Writer

Every icon lost has fallen to the ground: Montana, Jordan, Pelé, Ali and many more. What really defines them is how they bounce back. Recently, the ILS Football team suffered a close loss against the Pine Crest Panthers 10-7. They’re regular season was perfect, and despite the loss, they plan on getting back next year better, faster and stronger.

“My mindset has changed from counting my opportunities to making my own opportunities because I will only get that opportunity so often,” said sophomore defensive back and wide receiver La’Varis Stanford.

Outsiders often scrutinize a loss in a team’s record and ignore the entirety of a season. Only coaches and players  know all the work they put in because the season still has some good that came out of it.

“My favorite memory of the entire season is probably beating Belen because it shows how hard work and determination pays off, and I could feel the happiness in the team, including the seniors and it was great,” said freshman left tackle Vigo Anduix.

Many plan on coming back next year too, and no matter whatever reception they might receive, they know what they can show on the field.

“It comes one ear and comes out of the other. My focus is to play D1 college football, not argue about what others have to say about me,” said Stanford.”

Their coaches haven’t given up either, so they tell them to not give up and continue to put in the work. As a coach it’s difficult to see your team lose so they continue to show support as they wait for the next promising season to come.

“My coaches encouraged me and said that we need to work harder so that we don’t make as many mistakes as we made that day, and to get better and come back stronger,” said sophomore linebacker Nicolas Gomez.

Every single one of them is staying optimistic too, and after the season they just had, they have high expectations for next year. In the past, ILS hasn’t had the perfect season, but the boys left everyone surprised. Seeing them out there next year against other teams will be extremely scary. These boys are on a mission in honor of the seniors leaving this year.