The Callahan Twins Sail on over to Harvard


Courtesy the Callahans

Justin and Mitchell Callahan.

Holland Ramos, Editor-in-Chief

In 132 days Senior Justin and Mitchell Callahan are set to walk among the rest of their classmates at graduation. As the class of 2022 go their separate ways and begin a new chapter in life, the Callahan twins are ready to begin that chapter at Harvard University.

For many parents, having a child accepted to Harvard is a dream come true,let alone having two. These twin brothers are ready to sail their way to the top.

“ After trying a handful of different sports such as basketball, tennis, soccer, and football, my dad dropped me off at a sailing practice when I was seven and said “here’s another sport to try”, never did I think sticking with it would land me where I am today” says Justin.

Throughout the brothers sailing career, the both of them have achieved a numerous number of accomplishments –   

  • 2x World Champion
  •    3x North American champion
  •    South American Championship
  •   7X National Champion
  •    US Youth Sailor of the Year

“At the age of 17, I was ranked the 30th best sailor in the world. The list included Olympic gold medalists, America’s Cup winners, and other professional sailors. This goes to show that with hard work, anything is possible,” said Justin.

Following in their father’s footsteps, the twins have always had their mind set on attending Harvard, and did whatever it took to get there.

“ Harvard has pretty much been it all the way. Justin and I have pictures of us when we were three at Harvard, so as we got more into sailing and started to get recruited, that’s been it for us,” said Mitchell.

While not only having success in their own careers, these brothers have served as leaders and mentors for the rest of their high school teammates.

“ I remember when I was a freshman and was new to the sailing team at school. I started off as a shy and introverted kid, but after just a few weeks of practicing and getting to know the brothers, I started to feel comfortable and I improved a ton. Now we are like  brothers and it’s safe to say I have learned an incredible amount from them both on and off the water, which I am so thankful for,” said teammate, junior Danny Riano.

 “This high school season has been great so far,” said junior Caroline Caudron. “We’ve really had strong season and a lot of this success can be credited to The Callahans for their hardwork and support to the rest of the team.”

“The Callahans have impacted my carrier, because they essentially taught me everything I know. I wouldn’t be the same sailor I am without them,” said sophomore Jaden Gonzalez.

Hard work and determination has paid off for the Callahan brothers, and we can’t wait to see what greatness is up ahead for them.