Mr. Companioni back at ILS, now as a teacher


Mr. Companioni teaching his math class from one of the media scape rooms in the SLC.

Dominique Gonzalez , Writer

New teacher Jose Manuel Companioni joined the school faculty the fall of 2019 as part of the math and science departments.

Mr. Companioni graduated from Immaculata-La Salle in 2010. He teaches math and science to freshman and sophomores, subjects well within his comfort zone. He is also a moderator for HOSA, a club that focuses on teaching students interested in the health care industry.

“I have a degree in Biology, so I really like science, but math has always come easy to me,” explained Companioni. “What I like about math compared to english is that in math, two plus two will always equal four.”

Companioni’s familiarly with the school, and even some of the faculty, has made it easier for him to adjust to being a new addition to the community. An alumni returning to work for ILS prompts the question: why come back? 

“First off, you don’t have a better looking campus,” he said. “It was nice to come back and have that familiarity.”

Even with familiar faces around, the evolvement of ILS has him coming back to what seems like a different school. Some of the small differences that Companioni’s taken note of is the development of technology, the addition of Advisory Block, and the improvement of food quality.  

Even with the changes within the school, the students and faculty have made adjusting to being a new teacher quite easy for Companioni.

“If I have any questions, people are always willing to help.”