High School Decision Day


Ana Castillo, Writer

You’re off to great places by joining the ILS community! On January 24th , we celebrate our next freshman class of 2026. Always a nerve-racking experience not just entering to a new school, but to start off your high school years. Picking a high school can tend to be a difficult choice. After all this is where you will be spending the next four years. Some of the students have decided to share their perspective on why they picked this school and how they feel about attending. 

I have picked ILS because of the friendly community and variety of classes along with extracurricular activities. I have heard great things about their academics overall.”

— Isabel Fort

“I have picked ILS and am honored to be accepted because of religion purposes and the academics along with the multiple options of interests that can be expressed through La Salle’s options,” said Lyni Garcia.

More of the 2026 class have decided to share their celebrations of getting accepted. It is definitely thrilling to see their ways of counting down to be here! This is a new experience for our new and young generation. Next year , be sure to welcome them and show what La Salle has to offer. We also can’t wait for new students of each grade to join us as well!