T-minus 75


Allison Perez

The Good and the Bad

Isabella Black, Features Editor

How do you balance out your senior year?

The promise of ease and fun are buried in every junior’s ascension on to senior year. Is this a reality? Is senior year the easiest year of them all?

The class of 2022, including myself, only had one true year of high school before the current. Its is because of this that I don’t believe I am all that qualified to compare this year to the rest; however, I have felt the stark difference between the first and second semesters of senior year.


First semester of your senior year will be hectic. College applications are the biggest reason for this. The process is stressful, long and tedious however, there are ways of making it easier for yourself.

“There was no bigger feeling of relief than when I clicked submit on my last application,” said senior Clementina Daboin.

Have a schedule: don’t write your supplements or finish your applications the day before they’re due. This will make your life so much harder and skyrocket your stress levels.

Double check your applications: you don’t want to accidentally apply to the spring term instead of the fall. (Yes, this has happened to students.)

Don’t be basic: imagine reading the same supplement or essay hundreds of times. No one wants to hear about how you after an unbelievable obstacle, by some uncanny miracle, at the last second, saved your team by made the winning touchdown. No one cares and you will fall into a void of unmemorable supplements and essays.

Another obstacle most seniors succumb to, is seniorities. It’s real and it sucks. The lack of motivation to do assignments and study eventually piles up and you’re drowning in work again. Your grades drop and you will realize you’re in too deep. This is most prominent second semester.

Create and maintain habits: do your assignments when they’re assigned. Don’t forget that colleges can retract your admission if you fail to keep your grades up.


Sadly, I have many regrets when it comes to my high school years. I never really participated until this year and when I look back I consider it my biggest mistake. More than not trying harder my freshman year or not studying as hard as I should have for my SATs. While those things are still important I can always make up for those mistakes. You will never get these days back.

75 days from today (03-02-22) my classmates and I will walk down a stage, dressed in green gowns and caps, and receive a piece of paper that signifies the end. The future is exciting and I couldn’t be happier about the next four years of my life; however, I made friends this year I wish I would’ve made the day I first stepped on campus. Take the time to talk to people you pass by in the hallway every day because you never know what friendships you’ll make.

Make the most out of everything!