The rise of Lizzo


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Paola Rodriguez , Writer

Lizzo is a singer-song writer, and one of the most influential artists in the music industry. She continuously spreads body positivity, motivational speeches during her performances and remains humble throughout the fame and fortune that corrupts most celebrities.

“She’s relatable, I like her style and I love how she has a positive attitude about her body and uniqueness,”said junior AnaVictoria Salazar.

Starting small, Lizzo found her passion playing the flute at a young age, and has recently incorporated her childhood hobby in her songs.

“I like that I’m not typical. I like that I’m called no-genre hip-hop,” says Lizzo.

Lizzo is best known for her song, “Truth Hurts.” She sings in her song that even though it’s the truth, it still hurts that guys use girls when they are bored. This song became extremely famous because of how relatable it was to most girls.

“Someone Great”, a Netflix rom-com, featured the song, “Truth Hurts” in a scene of heart ache. Tiktok featured the verse, “I just took a DNA test, turns out I’m 100% that [expletive].” This verse on Tiktok went viral and turned into “#DNATestchallenge”.

Lizzo has received many awards for her recent album and has accomplished many goals. She remains humble and is currently my favorite female artist. Lizzo inspires me to have confidence and to always know my worth.