Snaps: ILS’s Concert Photographer


Allison Perez

Mr. Daniel Recinos works for the Tech department of ILS.

Allison Perez, Writer

Daniel Recinos is known as the “Tech Guy” at ILS. He brings peace to our campus by always being there to fix our iPads and solve any technical issues, but he isn’t just a onetrick pony. Daniel Recinos is, in fact, a little bit of an artist when he steps foot out of ILS. At night, he puts on an all black outfit, grabs his camera, and meanders into concerts as a photographer.

“Some of the concerts that I’ve photographed were Rakastella, III points, and certain places in Wynwood during Art Basel,” he said. Now, we know that Daniel Recinos is not just our go to tech guy, but he’s also available whenever you need help taking concert photos.