Did Justin Bieber Do Justice To His Justice Tour?


Victoria Betancourt

Justin Bieber’s Justice World Tour in the FTX Arena.

Victoria Betancourt, Editor in Chief / Sports Editor

After two years of waiting, Justin Bieber finally came to Miami for his Justice World Tour. 

This event occurred in FTX Arena, which was completely transformed for the event. 

Starting off with the pre-show line up, the first opening act was a Latin artist named ?Tèo?. After a brief break came Eddie Benjamin, the artist most known for his song “Weatherman.” Lastly was Jaden Smith, who was arguably the best opening act of all three. 

After this, came an hour long break of nothing but background music. Many fans weren’t happy about this, but once the show started, the wait was long forgotten. 

The arena suddenly went dark and all eyes were on an airplane in the middle of the stage that was slowly going up as Bieber suddenly appeared out of it. As this happened he sang the first song of his set, “Somebody.” 

After this, the concert was nonstop with only very brief interludes for quick costume changes. 

Although it is the Justice tour, the setlist included songs from all of his albums including “What Do You Mean?,”“Yummy,” “Confident,” “Baby,” “Boyfriend,” and more. 

When you stop and listen, you can hear the crowd—ranging of all ages— singing along with Bieber to all of his setlist. 

Even though its all fun and games, Bieber made sure to send a message to his fans that night about equality and his belief in God. He wanted to make sure that he could do something with his platform and that is what in part inspired the name of Justice for his album given the state of the world. 

Ending off the night Bieber sang his song “Anyone” dedicating the song to all of his fans for being there for him through thick and thin. 

After this experience, let’s just say my Bieber Fever is back in full swing and if you haven’t listened to Justice yet, you definitely should. Justin Bieber is not just some rebellious teenager anymore.