ILS traditions -Let the Creative Juices Flow


Antonella Velasquez, Writer

For two years, COVID struck the ILS halls into shock causing Homecoming to feel… well, weird. The natural pride and spirit students feel for watching and enjoying class productions was taken, until now. This year, it was each grade’s time to shine. 

Class Skit Day is the day of Homecoming Week when students from each grade get to show off all their hard work in preparing to perform their skits. It is part of ILS tradition and history. The planning that goes into it, the execution, and the laughter  are incomparable to most other school events. 

“Every year, I’ve always signed up for the class skit because it’s fun, and I love seeing all our hard work pay off in our performances,” said senior Caterina Serratore.

Since this year’s homecoming had a somewhat magical concept, the skits were based on the Disney theme of Magic Kingdom. Students were dressed head to toe in princess gowns, cowboy hats and plaid, galaxy characters, pirates, and much more.

The judges scored the class skits based on these four criteria: Creativity,Organization, Entertainment, and School Spirit.

The freshmen were first in performing. Mr. Danilo Recinos, was dressed as Sneaky Pete and he showed up as the villain to take the football. The skit ended with Homecoming being saved when the ball was retrieved and the toys went back into positions.

“I thought it was cute and stuck to their theme,” said Mrs. Lianne Davila.

The sophomores were next. They started their piece with the theme songs to Aladdin and Pirates of the Caribbean. The dance was choreographed by sophomore ILS dance members Isabella Yaruro and Andrea De Armas. 

“They really set the bar high!” said senior class president Ignacio Gamero.

The juniors were third to go. They took the audience through a trip to the Future as well as the past. Hosts Alessia Quiros and Karolina Campos started off their class skit in space costumes placed in the year 2999 and went back in time through some of the most iconic trends throughout the 2000’s including: Teenage heartthrob boy band, One direction’s “That’s What Makes You Beautiful,” performed by junior boys and the mannequin challenge. The skit ended with the continuation to the year 2099 by playing “Year 3000” by Busted as the students screamed.

“I was part of One Direction and had a lot of fun lip-syncing to the song and dancing around,” said junior Nate Peterson.

Lastly, but very much not least, the seniors. Choreographed by senior Kiara Alleti and Mr. Tim Gamwell, this skit captured the whole Disney theme on another level. They had a variety of Disney characters and princesses like Elsa, played by senior Sofia Moreno- Bo, little mermaid played by Clementina Daboin, and Snow White played by senior Helena Marquina. The skit started with a princess sleepover and then turned into a waltz when the football players came in as mystical fairies, saying goodbye to their helmets and hello to wings and tiaras.

“I had a fun time being fairies with my teammates. It was hilarious,” said senior football player James Brill.

Even the teachers participated in the skits, but they don’t take part in the competition; they go for entertainment purposes only! 

It was heartwarming to see such unity within respective classes. But, a competition is a competition, so without further ado, in fourth, The freshmen, in third, the sophomores ……

And with much suspense, the first place went to the…“Seniors!” announced Mr. Shaheen. They went wild on the bleachers waving their red flags all over the gym.

“I enjoyed all the skits because they were very creative and on theme. The dancing from the sophomores was terrific, the One Direction performance from the juniors was fun, and the freshman’s Wild West theme to Homecoming was creative. Even though I liked them all, my favorite was the Senior Skit. I thought the message it gave of being spirited and coming together really was the best performance and deserved the win. I’m very proud of everyone who participated in the skits.” ”

— Mr. Gamwell

Homecoming Week is about showing school spirit, class unity, and celebrating our second home, ILS. The student government association, SGA, decided to add class skits to Homecoming Week in 2019 as a way to promote class unity. 

This homecoming tradition has truly left a mark on students and their ability to enjoy time with other classmates and unite to create laughter as a family.