HoCo Preview for the Freshmen


Homecoming Week is one of the craziest, most fun weeks of the high school year. This year, Homecoming is October 21st to October 25th, and it’s nothing like any event experienced in middle school.

Homecoming at ILS is a week-long celebration of the classes, the school, and the community. It blends the past, the present, and the future, all in one delightfully chaotic campus experience.

On Monday, Homecoming kicks off with Color Wars. What the freshmen need to know is that their color is Purple. All freshmen should come decked out in purple everything, from headbands to shoe laces! At lunch, the freshman class fundraiser will be: Are You Smarter Than a 9th Grader?

After school on Monday, don’t forget to participate in the first annual LaSalle in Color event!

Twin Tuesday is up next, and it’s one of the longest standing traditions associated with Homecoming at ILS. Find one, two or ten friends and dress up in a similar fashion. You can all be the exact same, or you can all be from the same movie or show. The sophomore fundraiser of karaoke will take place Tuesday at lunch.

Tuesday afternoon will feature a frisbee match between students and faculty on the field.

Wednesday is Theme Day for Homecoming. The theme for the freshmen is Back to the Future. Come to school that day dressed up in homage to the classic 80s movie franchise. You can dress as someone from the 50s (Back the Future), the future (Back to the Future II), or a cowboy (Back to the Future III)!

Wednesday also features a new tradition, Class Skits, as well as the junior fundraiser, a carnival at lunch.

Tacky Thursday comes next, and the task here is simple: Come to school in the tackiest outfit you can assemble. Go nuts. The senior fundraiser will be at lunch, and it’ll be a dunk tank. After school on Thursday, there’s an ice cream social.

Friday ends the week with a bang. It’s Green & Gold Day on campus, and all of the classes unite to embrace the school colors. Friday marks the first pep rally of the year, and freshmen have never experienced anything like this.

Friday afternoon is the football game, and during halftime, there will be a class parade. After the game is the Homecoming Dance. The theme for the dance is: A Night at the Oscars.