Homecoming Recap: Day One – Color Wars


LaSalle In Color capped off Day One of Homecoming.

Ella Perez, Writer

On October 21st, the students and faculty of ILS started off their homecoming week with Color Wars. They were able to enjoy a full day of games of jeopardy at lunch for the freshmen fundraiser, a mini pep rally in F block, and the new La Salle In Color after school.

Everyone came to school decked out in colors of purple, orange, blue, and red. Students wore capes, tutus, star glasses, tights, and much more to show their class spirit. 

At lunch, the freshmen fundraised for their class by having students pay two dollars to participate in a game of jeopardy. In second lunch, seniors Katia Perez, Jordy Perez, Antonio Miranda, and Mr. Timothy Gamwell participated in the challenge to answer questions such as how many years in a row have the Patriots won the Super Bowl, how many feet are in a basketball hoop, and what comes but never arrives. 

In F block, students were called out in order of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. While everyone was patiently waiting in the gym for the pep rally to start, the seniors gathered in front of the gym and walked into the pep rally together yelling “Seniors run this!” 

Senior Nicole Hawley was one of the MCs for Color Wars.

During the pep rally, all of the classes were chanting and making noise that filled the gym. Seniors Alexis Hertz and Nicole Hawley, both led the pep rally and did their best to make it fun for everyone.

The first game played was a scavenger hunt, where two students from every class had to sit in a hula hoop individually. Nicole or Alexis called out what the students had to find including a left shoe, glasses, scrunchies of the designated class color, and more. When the students found the objects that were needed, then they quickly sat back down in a hula hoop and whoever did not sit in one was out.

For this game, the juniors won and the whole junior section ran to the gym floor to start cheering together. 

The next game was a relay race in which two students from each class raced with the other classes, running to one side of the gym and back. One student was on foot running, while the other student was on the back of the student running. Again, the juniors won this game. 

The final game was tug of war. First, the freshmen battled with the sophomores and the sophomores won. Then, the juniors battled with the seniors, and after a long period of pulling, yelling, and chanting, the juniors won.

Senior Micheal Bared had a great experience at the pep rally. 

Junior Sabrina Fernandez celebrates her class’s victory at Color Wars.

“The pep rally was very loud very fun very energetic. It was an incredible experience I’m sad I’m a senior and I’m going to miss it next year but it was fun,” he said. 

After school, everyone went to the practice field by the youth center for La Salle In Color where SGA gave out pink, yellow, blue, orange, and purple colored powder. Once everyone got their colored powder, Nicole Hawley started a countdown and then in a blink of an eye, different colors were in the air.

 Students got to throw powder at each other and listen to music played by senior Ernesto Walter. La Salle In Color was the start of new wonderful experiences for the rest of the years to come.