Class Skits, a new Homecoming tradition


Class of 2020 performing in their Senior Skit.

Noor Andre , Editor

It is currently homecoming week at ILS and Wednesday October 23rd was Theme Day. Each grade and the faculty were given a theme and movie to dress up as, and then perform a class skit based off of it. 

Homecoming week is about showing school spirit, class unity, and celebrate our second home ILS. The student government association, SGA, decided to add class skits to homecoming week as a way to promote class unity. 

The skits were performed in the gymnasium. Four judges were appointed to decide who had the best skit. The judges were math teachers, Mr. Peter Jude, Mrs. Monica Orelle, Mr. Juan Vila, and Ms. Julie Anne Cannon. 

The freshman class theme was the classic ’80s movie “Back to the Future.” In their skit, they traveled back to the future. For each era they travelled back to, they did a dance choreography in particular to each era. 

The sophomore class theme was the Disney movie “Teen Beach Movie.” Their skit was based on what they do at the beach. They dressed up in beach clothing and danced to popular songs from the movie.

The junior class theme was the movie “Grease.” They made their own version of Grease, focusing on making “an American” girl a “Miami girl.” Throughout their skit, they danced to a couple different songs from Grease.  

The seniors theme was the Marvel movie “Avengers: Endgame.” Their skit was about being the superhero class of 2020 and the leaders of ILS. In their skit, the junior class were the villains they were fighting. 

The faculty treated the audience with a special skits as well, with their theme was Harry Potter. Their skit was a La Salle version of Harry Potter. They got four seniors and assigned them to a house, then they all fought and defeated theology teacher Mr. De Prada, who played Voldemort. 

Sister Sue thoroughly enjoyed all the skits and said,  “It is the beginning of another great tradition here at ILS.” 

The final results were: Freshman in third place, Juniors and Seniors tied for second place, and the Sophomores in first place. 

Madison Anne, historian of the sophomore class and one of the people who planned the sophomore class skit said, “It feels good that the sophomore class was able to win something, especially something that we worked so hard on.”