Senior Fundraiser: The Dunk Tank



Mr. Jude dressed as a Belen student, preparing to get dunked.

Dominique Gonzalez , Writer

The seniors at Immaculata La Salle hosted a fundraiser on Thursday, October 24: The Dunk Tank.

During every lunch, students had the chance to dunk any teacher that volunteered to participate, either paying $5 for three tries using balls or $20 for an automatic dunk. If the student hit the intended target, then the teacher was dunked into the water.  

A total of twenty-one teachers volunteered to get dunked for the fundraiser. Seven of these teachers participated during all three lunches: Mr. Shaheen, Mr. Recinos, Ms. Sosa, Coach Valle, Ms. Quintero, Mr. Taggart, and Ms. Bonilla.

Some teachers that participated in the dunk tank were interviewed by The Royal Courier.

Mr. Shaheen described his experience getting dunked as, “Wet. Very very wet. It wasn’t that bad to start but the more and more I got dunk throughout the day, the more disgusting the tank became.”

Mr. Doody delighted in the experience. “Just sitting there kind of taunting children and then eating my words after getting dunked in the water,” he said.

This is the second year that a Dunk Tank was part of the Homecoming festivities. It served as a fundraiser for the senior class. All proceeds from the fundraiser will go to the class account and help lower the cost for the coming events like Grad Bash and Prom.