“ZombieLand Double Tap” brings laughs to theaters

ZombieLand Double Tap was laughs and thrills


Ryan Desalle, Writer

“ZombieLand Double Tap” makes its debut October 18th, 2019, bring hysterical comedy and a spice of drama.

The movie was release 10 years after its original which was released in 2009. The original story is about an outbreak of a virus that makes humans turn into flesh eating monsters aka Zombies.

After the outbreak, we are introduced to four of the main characters, Columbus, a nerdy 20-year-old man who plays video games and drinks Mountain Dew, with his smarts he creates a set of rules which will keep him alive.

Then we meet Tallahassee, a middle-aged cowboy who loves Twinkies and is ready to put up a fight with anyone. Wichita, a young woman who does trust anyone but her little sister 406. Together they make a plan to find other civilization.

The original movie ends with them living in the White House and the beginning of “ZombieLand Double Tap” begins with them still living in the White House 10 years after the outbreak.

The plot of “ZombieLand Double Tap” contains 406 and Wichita running away from Columbus and Tallahassee. After 406 and Wichita leave they meet this hippy musician from Berkeley which 406 falls in love with. Berkeley is a pacifist, anti-gun, all peace man who doesn’t believe in killing zombies which aggravates Tallahassee which thinks he’s the father of 406 now. 406 decides to leave her sister and run away with Berkeley to this safe haven city where all the hippies are living in.

Wichita then returns back to the White House to collect guns and meets back with her ex boyfriend Columbus. To her surprise Columbus and Tallahassee found a pretty unintelligent blonde girl which Columbus ends up with. Together they all decide they were going to find 406.

Along he way, they find out about this new zombie which are stronger, faster and harder to kill, they name it the T-800s after the award winning film series Terminator. This only adds more problems to there rescue.

The gang finds the armored vehicle at Elvis Presley’s house where this lady Nevada is living. They then find new information and end up coming to the conclusion that 406 and Berkeley are heading to this Pacifist place called Babylon where there only rule is to give up your weapons where they burn them into a peace sign chain.

When they arrive to Babylon they are reunited and Tallahassee sets on his journey alone with a peace of mind that his, “daughter” is alive. After leaving he notices a swarm of T-800s heading toward the fire works at Babylon. Spinning his car around he heads back to warn them.

Coming up with a genius plan Tallahassee ends up saving the people at Babylon and him and his crew leave and the movie ends with them driving off.

This movie was extremely well made and contained a lot of laughs and excitement. The movie is a bit of a comedy, thriller, and drama.

The movie exceeded over 42 million budget which was put to make this film. Opening weekend brought an astonishing 26 million dollars and the gross is currently 56 million in the US, 86 million worldwide. The movie was rated 7.2 on IMDB.