Coffee Shop Challenge: Finding the Best Spots to Eat & Study in Miami

Panther Coffee and Books & Books are a pair of local coffee shops on Main Highway, not even ten minutes from ILS.

Panther Coffee and Books & Books are a pair of local coffee shops on Main Highway, not even ten minutes from ILS.

Sasha Kuntz , Writer

I went to four top rated coffee shops in search of the perfect study and snack spot for students. Miami is filled with bakeries and food spots on every corner but many highschoolers have trouble finding the perfect place to get in the zone.

Panther Coffee in Coconut Grove takes the cake on this challenge. Offering free wifi, great seating areas, and a controlled noise level, this place will allow you to study for hours. The delicious coffee, tea, and pastries also can’t be forgotten. The warm lighting and friendly staff adds to the positive ambiance. 

I went to a fan favorite- Starbucks. With thousands of stores nationwide, it won’t be hard to find one. There is a great selection of snacks and drinks after a long day of school, and the atmosphere is great for studying. There is free wifi and many spacious tables that can accommodate large amounts of school work.

Madruga Bakery, a personal favorite, is the last place I visited and unfortunately, last on the list of best places to study. This bustling spot will satisfy your hunger offering delicious sandwiches and pastries, but the noise levels can be too loud at times and would not allow for optimum work to be done.

Last but not least is Books and Books, located next door to Panther Coffee. It’s a great place to do school work. Surrounded by walls full of books, and a small counter where a barista works on coffee, you will not be disappointed here. The only thing that could be improved would be an expansion to the small seating area they have. 

In the grand scheme of things, study at a place where you feel comfortable and motivated. If coffee shops are your jam, then Panther Coffee will give you everything you want and more. Besides busy saturday and sunday afternoons, coffee shops can provide the best study spots with great accommodations.

Local libraries are also great places to spend a day doing school work and if you work best in quiet areas, they will be your best bet.