Doctor Sleep, Sequel to The Shining


Sophia Rabelo, Writer

On November 8th, the sequel to the classic horror film “The Shining,” “Doctor Sleep,” was released. It has earned over $35 million worldwide in box offices. 

May 23rd, 1980, “The Shining” was released as a book adaptation from the great horror writer, Steven King. Now, nearly 40 years later, “Doctor Sleep” comes to close up the iconic 80s film. 

Many believed that Stanley Kubrick’s original piece did not need a sequel and feared that one would ruin the beloved film. Although many people were surprisingly pleased, but also very confused. 

Personally I loved the film, it paid great homage to the original classic while still being its own piece. It almost felt as if you didn’t need to watch The Shining, because of how different the movie’s plot were. 

Although this can also be received badly because people now ask the question, why did we need this in the first place? 

“I still don’t know if ‘The Shining’ needed a second act, but ‘Doctor Sleep’ presents one that’s fresh and unsettling enough to justify its existence,” said Vanity Fair.

Besides all the mixed reviews I think it’s worth watching and is a scary and unsettling film, perfect for horror movie junkies!