ILS Varsity Cheer VS. St. Brendan


Victoria Betancourt, Writer

Friday, November 22, ILS Cheer had a head-to-head versus St. Brendan’s cheer teams being held at the St. Brendan gym.

All three teams are in different divisions due to the size of each team, whether they’re Varsity or Junior Varsity, and whether each team tumbles. St. Brendan has a tumbling Junior Varsity team and a tumbling Varsity team while La Salle has a Varsity non-tumbling team.

At the head-to-head, all teams first did their routines in sections before doing two full outs of the routines. 

First came the elite stunts (first stunt for La Salle which was an invert to a half), then the second stunts (for ILS the second stunt was a extended liberty), third the cheer, and finally the pyramid.

After all three teams went, La Salle was the first team time to go on the floor for their first full out. Following them were St. Brendan Varsity and Junior Varsity. 

All three teams had a few falls while stunting during their first full out. However when all three teams finished, the coaches consulted with their teams on what they could do better before going full out for a second time. 

La Salle went first again and only had a few minor issues, minus that the routine went fine. It was the same for both St. Brendan teams. 

When asked about how she felt about what happened, the cheer team’s co-captain, Ana Salazar said, “We were amazing, but there still is a lot of improvement that needs to be made.” 

At the end of it all, no one got awards due to the fact that this was more of an event for the teams to get more acquainted with performing their competition routines full out and in front of others.  

Based off this performance, it’s safe to say that there’s a long season ahead for this team. 

“I’m extremely confident and I know that if we keep moving forward and keep learning and improving in our skills we will be unstoppable,” stated Salazar.