Marian Club


Dominique Gonzalez, Writer

On Tuesday, December 3, the new Marian Club hosted a bake sale after school behind the cafeteria.

They sold tequeños, deep fried oreos, and other savory treats. Most of the money raised will be donated to charity while the rest of the money will be to sponsor some Angel Tree gifts. 

Marian Club is a new club at ILS based on the life of Mary, where students can grow in their faith and promote the message of Mary. Sr. Marie Fe, the creator of Marian club, explained to The Royal Courier the purpose of this club. 

“Marian club is a club for boys and girls to come and grow in relationship with Mary, to learn about Mary, and also to pray for others. It’s a club that hopes to reach out to others through service, and it’s also meant for you to have fun. And you can learn how to make things like a rosary,” explained Sr. Marie Fe.

She felt it was important to have a club pertaining to Mary at ILS because it allows students to have the time to grow in faith together, to remember to put Christ and God in the center of our lives, to be a presence at school, to be a witness to the faith, to be close to your friends, and to have fun.

Email Sr. Marie Fe for more information!