The Nightmare Before Christmas Review


Victoria Betancourt, Writer

The Nightmare Before Christmas was released in 1993. It was directed by Henry Slick and produced by Tim Burton. The screenwriter for the film was Caroline Thompson.

The movie starts off with the inhabitants of Halloweentown being extremely joyful about the successful Halloween they had and already starting to plan for the following one. However the protagonist, Jack Skellington, is not very happy or fond with the non-changing ways of his life. This makes the skeleton decide to go exploring for something new in his life. While he’s walking in a forest with his dog, Zero, the character stumbles upon multi-shaped and multi-colored doors on trees. The one shaped as a Christmas tree drew his interest and he decided to open it. A huge gust of wind came and blew him inside the dark void. However once he was blown inside, he was transformed into another world.

He was now in Christmas Town where he got to experience all-things Christmas. When he got back to his town, he told everyone about what he saw and they all decided to join in on the holiday. They prepared for this joyous event, Jack becoming Santa and the others making toys. Meanwhile Santa was captured and brought to Halloweentown. However Skellington’s love interest, Sally, does not have a good feeling about this. She sees the event not ending well. She tells the protagonist what she saw, but he ignores her and still goes out with his plan. While he distributes the Halloween-ified toys, Santa and Sally go through an altercation with the Boogie Man. Sally went to go save Santa from the Boogie Man, but things took a turn for the worse. Both Santa and Sally were about to die because of the Boogie Man.

Meanwhile Jack’s Christmas also does not end well. He is believed to be a fake Santa and his sleigh is shot at, causing him to fall from the sky. However, our protagonist is back in time to save both Santa and Sally from the Boogie Man. The pumpkin king learned his lesson and apologized to Santa, deciding to stick to what he does best: Halloween. 

The movie was filmed using stop animation, which can make the movie take years to be complete. This is truly what sets the movie apart from most Christmas movies. It is filmed in a Tim Burton style so its obvious to spot that this man worked on the movie. There is also a dark mood set in the story due to the dark and gloomy setting for the majority of the movie. This helps show that this movie is different from most and combines two completely opposite holidays into one.

Halloween is supposedly a very spooky and mysterious holiday while Christmas is merry and bright. Seeing the two opposites clash into one movie, shows the incredible contrast between the two and how it could be okay to love both. Out of 10, this movie should get a 10/10 due to all the points above. I would recommend any person who loves both holidays to watch this fantastic film.