“Santa Clause is Coming to Town” an all-time classic

Santa Clause is coming to town is an all amciercan classic


Ryan Desalle, Writer

“Santa Clause is coming to Town” is a classic Christmas movie to American Culture. Directed by Arthur Rankin Junior and Jules Bass the stop motion animation film was truly amazing. Released on December 14th 1970 , the film had a spectacular outcome becoming a classic Christmas movie in today’s time. The movie runs for 50 minutes and was first aired on television in the 1970s.

The movie begins with narrator S.D Kluger telling the story of an orphan baby. When the story begins we are showed how an orphan baby left at the doorstops of the evil king with a note saying Clause. The king sends the baby to an Orphan Asylum where a Gust of wind blows the baby away into the woods, where the animals hide him from the unkind winter and bring him to a elvish family by the name of Kringle. The Kringles who are toy makers give the name Kris and raise him till adulthood. 

When Kris becomes old enough, he volunteers to delivers toys to the children of Sombertown, the problem is that toys are banned there after the king tripped on a toy duck. Which sets him off to hating toys.

On the way to Somber Town Kris meets a lost penguin where they evade the Winter Warlock. After reaching the Town Kris gives 2 Children toys where the king finds them and arrest the 2 children. Kris gives the king a yo yo who happily enjoys it but then orders his arrest. Kris runs back into the woods where the Winter Warlock captures him, Kris gives him a locomotive and they become friends. 

Kris travels back to the town where he continues to give toys to children. When the king finds out he sets a trap and captures the Kringles, the Winter warlock, and topper. 

Kris hides in the woods for years and grows a beard as a disguised where he comes out and marries Jessica on Christmas Eve and Kris is classified as a saint. The story ends with the Narrator explaining the true meaning of Christmas.

The movie itself is very inspirational and informative about the story of Kris Kringle and is very enjoyable to watch. The movie is generally very well made considering its time of creation and is unique to all other movies because of the Stop motion animation. The movie sets the spirit of Christmas and is a good movie to watch on Christmas Eve. 

Many people watch this movie each year during Christmas, it’s a way of getting into the spirit. I really enjoy this movie and I would recommend it to anyone who likes Christmas. It’s a classical Christmas movie and is very well made. I would give it a 10/10 review due to its consistency, story line, and way it was filmed.