ILS Welcomes Ms. Garcia


Mrs. Garcia has joined the ILS faculty for the second semester.

Ella Perez, Writer

To ring in the new year, ILS welcomed the new economics and business management teacher, Ms. Adriana Garcia when classes resumed on January 6, 2020. Before she started teaching at ILS, since 2013 she taught juniors international business and finance at the University in Montevideo, Uruguay. 

Prior to becoming a teacher, she had a career in corporate finance, working in the oil industry, doing international projects, and power plants around the world, primarily New York and Chicago.

Also, she worked in banking and finance at Citibank in New York and London. She did project finance, trade finance, and cross border trade finance for pharmaceuticals, space, hospitals, even military.

Then she worked for ABN AMRO back in Chicago, where she did structure trading in international finance again. She focused primarily in the Eastern Bloc countries in Pakistan and Middle East, as well as working with projects in Latin America. 

Ms. Garcia worked for the The Corporación Andina de Fomento (CAF) a fund for infrastructure financing as the director of structuring where she organized projects between the developers, the government, and investors in the stock market to issue bonds for the projects that were ppps, private public partnerships. 

Ms. Garcia is passionate about teaching and sharing her knowledge about economics to high schoolers. She enjoys the beautiful campus of ILS and has felt very welcomed by the students and faculty. 

“They called me specifically to teach economics and business classes, and that’s what I really like to do, its what I did at the University of Montevideo, and the location is great. It’s a beautiful campus and the people are just wonderful and extremely warm. So it’s a big change to teach high school from university, but I’m enjoying it so far after a week,” she described. 

“The faculty and staff is extremely warm and welcoming, trying to show me around, and making sure that I have everything I need. So it’s been great and I’m getting to know the students. Everyone seems very happy to be here, it’s like a very special place.”

For the rest of the year and the years to come, Ms. Garcia is a part of the ILS community and is going to continue to inspire students with her accomplishments, experiences, and skills in economics, business, and finance.