How Does The Class of 2020 Feel About The New Senior Privileges?


The Class of 2020 won Homecoming 2019.

Dominique Gonzalez, Writer

Starting January 7th, the seniors at ILS were finally granted their 2nd semester senior privileges. To reiterate, the seniors were granted dress downs every Thursday, the ability to wear college sweaters and their own shoes (if paid for) everyday, and eventually Netflix, Hulu, and Disney + will be pushed to their iPads.

Since they’ve had a couple of weeks to test out their superiority, I think it’s time to get some feedback from the seniors.

I personally love our privileges. I love having the freedom to personalize our uniforms with our favorite pair of shoes or the sweater of our future college. I finally feel like I’m truly part of the senior class— the same senior class I used to envy when I was a lowerclassman. 

As I interviewed fellow seniors, their opinions were similar to mine. All of them agreed that they enjoyed having the freedom to express ourselves in our clothing, whether it comes to the dress downs every Thursday or the ability to wear college sweaters and our own choice of shoes everyday.

Senior Max Guillén elaborated why he enjoys the new privileges:

“I feel that our senior privileges are well deserved and we are all grateful for them as a senior class. It gives us a sense that when our hard work is achieved, we are rewarded.”

While interviewing the Class of 2020, I also asked them if they were any other privileges they wished were granted. Victoria Fernández, Daliah González, and Katia Perez all requested that açaí bowls be provided for the seniors once a week.

Kayli Van Sky and Max Guillén both wished for the option to skip F Block on Fridays during Day 2 Mods.

Senior Sabrina Verite stated that seniors should be allowed to wear hoodies every Friday and Anna Iurman would like to leave school for lunch:

“We should be allowed to leave during lunch and come back afterward. We could go with a car buddy and get lunch somewhere close by.”