How To Cheat Day (Diet, not School)


Bianca Sanz, Writer

Everybody needs a “cheat day.” Junk foods have become a very popular source of food for many people. People all over the world grab a snack when out with friends, on your phone, or doing homework.

Junk foods are commonly known for their negative connections to your health because of what’s seen on TV or social media, and the benefits are ignored. They provide people with nutrients that keep muscles, bones, and the brain strong. Some junk foods also contain good amounts of antioxidants that can be good for the heart.

Junk foods are not good for people when consumed frequently. But like all things, everything taken in excess is bad. The human body needs to be treated with love in order to ensure good health, so I taking too much junk food is never good for you.

They also provide economics benefits. People save time and money grabbing a snack at the vending machine, or on their lunch break. It’s great to lay off the salad and quinoa every one in a while and treat yourself to some cheat day foods.

People feel the need to have a “cheat day,”  because, many times, dieting can get boring and bland. But if you don’t want to completely ruin you diet, there are (healthier) options.

Here are some of the best cheat day foods:

1) Lightening Up Buffalo Bacon a Chicken Macaroni and Cheese

2) Bacon Garlic Avocado Burger

3) Cloud Bread Pizza

4) Air Fried Potato Tacos

All of the these recipes can be found HERE.