Environmental Club is saving the community with Treelife


Bianca Sanz, Writer

This year, the Environmental Club has linked with TreeLife. TreeLife is a nonprofit organization made by high
schoolers in Columbia and they specify in planting and reforestation.

The organization travels one or twice every month to Peru, Ecuador, Brazil and Colombia with the money they
collect from fundraisers to buy the trees, plant them in the forest, and take care of them.

The environmental club works on promoting ways of how to save the planet. Every month, the club has two or three
events in which includes planting trees, removing invasive plants, and kayak clean ups at La Salle. The club is moderated by Mrs. Calleros.

The club makes sure that they are involved around the ILS community. They do multiple fundraisers throughout the
school year.

They collect money from fundraising to send to the co-organization. The funding also goes to buying seeds, plants,
and some parts of the field trips for the club.

“The Environmental Club understands that to fix the planet and help combat problems like climate change. We need
millions of people to help, but we also know that each person matters and that our club alone can make a difference
too. We promote the planting and caring of our planet within our club members, yet also promote it to everyone
around us whether they are in the club or not,” said member of the club and COO of TreeLife, junior Valeria Pinzon.

The environmental club works very hard to help restore the nature of the planet, step by step.