Robotics Electives


Marjorie Amaral, Editor

There are plenty of electives to choose for the 2020-2021 school year one of the being robotics.

Robotics is a class that involves a lot of problem solving so you’ll use a lot of help form your partners and become close to the people in the class.

“What I like about the class is that we all have become somewhat close and we have figured that it’s better to go to each other for help,” said senior Michael Bared.

Students are given toolboxes and Mr. Ilizarbe the teacher for Robotics guides them on what they have to do to find the solution to their projects but students mainly have to find the solution themselves.

In the class Mr. Ilizarbe mainly focuses on circuits and coding.

“You learn how to work with circuits, you learn how to identify them and how to code. you learn how to do very basic things about coding, but you can get into a really in depth because there are things you start identifying. It’s like the movie matrix. you start seeing the logical code, you identify where the line goes. So if you wanted to do something else, you switch a particular line and then your circuits are doing different things like the light blinks faster or a changes color or, look for different words,” said Mr. Ilizarbe the robotics teacher.

Many students enjoy the class because they are actually interested in engineering but they’d like more freedom to do their own coding.

“I personally like the class because the people make it fun, however I believe if the teachers gave us more freedom to do our own projects we would learn more. This year we have learned how to make simple circuits and we are currently working a small solar powered cars,” said sophomore Alberto Fernandez.

Taking Robotics also leads you to understand more about the different facts about engineering.

“I took Robotics because I have an interest in engineering and would like to further my knowledge on the career. Taking this Robotics class helps me understand more about engineering and the different branches of the career,” said Isabella Andrade.

Students that have taken the elective in the past and this year recommend others to take robotics only if they genuinely would like to further their knowledge on the topic or have a personal interest because robotics can be frustrating.

Mr. Ilizarbe has a few words for the students that are interested in taking robotics next year…

“Be ready, come with a desire to overcome obstacles, don’t go in there thinking that I’m going to give you everything because a lot of the things that you’re getting out of the class, you’re going to realize they’re coming from inside of you. And that’s actually what engineering is, you realize a lot of you have the solution to a lot of the problems you just kind of know how to get to them.”