Why You Should Take Italian as an Elective in the 2020-2021 School Year


Sebastian Wolfe, Writer

At ILS many world languages are offered. There is Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese. Italian is a world language that isn’t everyone’s first choice in school only due to the fact that people more often than not decide to take Spanish or French.

Italian is currently being taught by Mr. Chierici and teaches Italian I, II, and III. He is a great teacher and very knowledgeable about the language and teaching.

Italian is a great option for a world language for multiple reasons.

First, if you speak Spanish already, Italian is a great option to take next year as a world language. Spanish and Italian are very close in language so it is a very easier transition, much easier than Spanish to French.

Secondly, If you are already in a world language, you can take Italian as an elective and learn Spanish and Italian, or French and Italian in the same year. 

Both of these options look very good for colleges and shows that you have interest in learning multiple languages and are capable of speaking more than just English and Spanish.

The class isn’t too hard but effort is still required but the way Mr. Chierici teaches makes everything a lot easier to understand.

Mr. Chierici said this about people who are considering taking Italian as an elective the next year.

“But first is if they already have the first two years, done. Following with Italian as an elective will increase or make the understanding of Italian better.” 

Mr. Chierici also had this to say about the curriculum in the class.

“For the first year we focus mostly in grammar on the base part. And from the third year the elective one would be the one which people learn how to use and manipulate the languages.”

For homework, a website called VHL is used to reinforced what was learned in class as far as grammar goes. 

Italian is a great language to learn and is actually a lot more valuable than people think and is great to know. 

I took the class last year and did pretty well in it and it was actually a lot of fun. I learned a lot about the language and the culture in Italy and by the end of the year I was speaking Italian very well, not fluent but still very good for a beginner. Mr. Chierici is a very good teacher and if you take Italian next year I guarantee you will learn a lot.