How To “Virtual” School


Camilla Diez and Magdalena Bolinaga

 Since virtual school has become a possibility due to the coronavirus, it is important for students to prepare accordingly. 

Virtual school will definitely change the daily routines of ILS students and faculty. Virtual school will most likely take place through the applications Showbie, and Zoom. Courses will still be assigned class work and homework to students.

With this new classroom system comes responsibility and essentials that will get students working throughout the day. 

Technological necessities are needed when in virtual school environment. Students should make sure to have a charger ready and know all their passwords in order to do the work that is assigned. In addition, WiFi is needed to complete assignments and submit them.

Since everyone is home, it is also handy to keep a calendar, since teachers aren’t there to remind students when the next homework is due. This will keep students organized and ready for the time being.

In virtual school, students will most likely spend the majority of their day at home, but with that comes many distractions. Some of these include: falling asleep, social media, Netflix, and wandering around. 

Due to distractions becoming a problem, students should create a space that is dedicated to do schoolwork. This place that students choose should resemble a classroom. Some ideas include: a desk, kitchen counter, dining table, living room, or any space that keeps students away from distractions. 

Since students will be sitting down during most of the school day, they should include in their routines five minute breaks to walk around and stretch. Usually, students walk around school to get from class to class, so it is important that they try to keep their muscles and body moving. 

All these tools are necessary to successfully complete virtual school if needed.