AP Comparative Government


The AP Comparative Government class.

Magdalena Bolinaga, Writer

A new school year is approaching soon in Immaculata La Salle high school, which means it is time for the students to start choosing their electives. 

The two semester class, AP Comperative Government, is great for any students who wish to learn about constitutions, history, political systems, and culture around the world. This class is focused on the AP 6 countries; which are: UK, Russia, China, Mexico, Iran, and Nigeria.

From the parliamentary democracy in the UK to the authoritarian regime in Iran, this course touches on every type of political system around the world. 

This class isn’t only useful for learning about other countries and cultures, but it also helps students form their own criteria about issues around the world that are currently happening. 

Mr. Moya teaches this course with passion hoping to participate in the formation of the future generation that will become the leaders in American society and politics.

The reason it is important to take AP Comparative Government according to Mr. Moya is because, “Most young Americans are not fully informed of the intricacies and nuances of global events and internal situations in other countries that are always in the news, but very poorly understood.“

His students truly learn how political systems work and repeat themselves throughout history. This teaches them to adapt that information to current situations happening around the world, and to predict the outcome of what is next to come. 

Seniors, Maria Clara Rumbos and Sofia Armando, are taking the class this year and believe that they will leave for college knowing all about politics around the world. 

Maria Clara said, “Since day one of being in AP Comparative Government I have learned about not only politics, but common world knowledge that will help me in the future to develop my own ideas.

The goal of learning about different political regimes and conflicts is to be able to apply them to the future when students are voting or making arguments about a certain global issue. This class gives scholars the tools to form educated opinions on many important aspects in life.

The ILS Senior, Sofia Armando, says, “Before this class I didn’t really understand how some countries worked, but now I know how to compare and study each one with their similarities and differences.” 

Hopefully students will join Mr. Moya next school year in room 311 ready to learn and work hard on these 6 AP countries. This class teaches high schoolers the essentials for them to understand about the world that surrounds them.