How To Stay Organized During Virtual School


Victoria Betancourt, Writer

This week ILS just started virtual due to the fast spreading virus that is now in Florida. There may be an adjustment period for some students as to how classes work and the work load they may get. During this time, it’s a great idea to stay organized.

Many classes will start to increase in work load since teachers can no longer teach face to face. Teachers are using various platforms, scubas Showbie, Turnitin, Zoom and others. This new normal might feel overwhelming for some students, so it’s important to stay as organized as possible. 

A great way to keep track of the work you may have is by starting an agenda or writing down what you need to do for each class. An added bonus to this is that it can help you get ahead of work and not get behind on it.

Some people may think they have plenty of time to complete their work, so they procrastinate. But students should try to stay on top of things too prevent the work from piling up.

For this to work, you need to not procrastinate. Procrastination is a big reason as to why many students become unorganized and clutter starts to form. Getting ahead and getting things done prevents this from happening.

In order to not lose paper based work or assignments, a great way to stay organized is having some type of work area or office set up. This can help keep all school work together and make it not as difficult to find along with more tough to lose.Many teachers along with a few students have this and it truly does improve productivity.

Finally, for students another way to stay organized is by speaking to your teachers about assignments. This may seem unimportant, but speaking to the teacher about work helps improve the quality of work along with how fast you get it done. The teacher can also guide students with their work which is extremely beneficial. 

Happy virtual schooling!