Virtual School Schedule, Procedures & a Reminder about Zoom


Many classes are using Zoom these days, including the Psychology class pictured.

Camilla Diez, Editor

On Monday March 30, students returned from spring break to virtual school. With Virtual school being the new norm, for the time being, there comes a schedule and procedures.

Students follow an alternating Day 1/ Day 2 schedule. Each block runs for an hour and a half, with a lunch break in between. The school day runs from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm on Day 1’s and from 8:00 am to 1:20 pm on Day 2’s.

Attendance is taken within the first ten minutes of class. If a student is absent, their parent has to email explaining why. If a student is absent, they have the same number of days missing to make up work.

After attendance, teachers post check-in instructions on Showbie/PlusPortal. In addition, all assignments are posted on Showbie/Plusportals. 

Teachers will interact with students via Zoom (video conferencing app), posted videos and discussion boards, as well as individual work or group work. Students are to follow all virtual school guidelines.

Students were reminded recently by Dean of Students, Ms. Varese, that students are not allowed to share Zoom codes.”

“By following these simple guidelines and online etiquette your virtual experience will be a breeze,” Assistant Principal for Curriculum Mrs. Luisa Serratore said via email.

Students were reminded recently by Dean of Students, Ms. Varese, that students are not allowed to share Zoom codes.

“When you share the codes, you are breaching security measures that have established for your safety,” Ms. Varese said via email. “In addition to breaking security measures, when these codes are shared, it causes unnecessary anxiety, frustration, and wasted time in your classes among your teachers and your peers.”

She went on in the recent email to explain that the school has already released two students from ILS.

“If we discover that any more students are sharing these Zoom class meeting IDs, those students will also be not be finishing the school year at ILS,” Ms. Varese said in the email.

Students have the opportunity to communicate with their teachers during their block per schedule. Students are to submit all their work by the due date posted.

In addition, all guidance counselors are available via phone and email from 8am-3pm.

In order for each student to receive full credit for the courses they taking, students must attend classes on a regular basis as well as follow all online class requirements.

Students and teachers are slowly adapting to virtual school following a schedule and procedures.