SGA continues Working Virtually


ILS’s SGA is still hard at work for the student body.

Noor Andre, Editor

As the school year continues virtually, the Student Government Association (SGA) continues to work and plan events for the student body. Being at school allowed them more and easier contact but they are doing their best virtually.

They had a meeting last week on Zoom and discussed upcoming events such as Teacher Appreciation Week, virtual elections, and some surprises for the senior class!

The members of SGA are very saddened that the events they were planning are not going to take place but are attempting to replace each of those events virtually. They are also taking this opportunity to make things even better the next school year. 

“We are obviously saddened by not being able to finish out events like Royal Idol, but we have to think of it as giving us time to make next year more spectacular and memorable,” says one of the SGA moderators, Ms. Celina Sosa.

One event that has been replaced virtually is Royal Idol thanks to the hard work of Ms. Cabrera and Ms. Orelle.

Junior class president, Sofia Farres, says collaborating virtually has been going well because SGA is so dedicated and she is excited for the upcoming events. 

“I’m really sad that some plans were cancelled and I obviously wish we were still in school, but we’re making the most of it and planning a couple of virtual events that I’m really excited about. I’m just thankful that we still have another year and the seniors are definitely in my thoughts and prayers because I can’t imagine how they’re feeling,” says Sofia Farres. 

We appreciate and thank the members of SGA for their continued efforts and hard work.