Royal Idol Round One Winners Advance


The Royal Idol winner this year will receive a year-long subscription to Netflix!

Sophia Rabelo, Writer

Last week, April 20th-26th, Royal Idol was put online and submission and votes were able to be placed. But now with the week over the winners of round one have been announced.

Round 1 winners/advancers:

  • Eliza Lee 
  • Jade Saavedra 
  • Eva Cerda
  • Catalina Mercado 
  • Glee Club 
  • Angela Pinto 
  • Sebastian Pozo
  • Angelina Cabrera 
  • Veronica Oliveira 
“I wanted to take a moment to thank all of the talented performers who competed throughout Round 1!,” said Ms. Candy Cabrera, one of the faculty coordinators for Royal Idol. “Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us and putting your heart and soul into your performance! We’re beyond grateful for everyone who participated in Round 1!”

Congratulations to our round 1 winners and we should say thank you to all participants. It takes a lot of guts to put your talent on display, so congratulations to you too for your talent and bravery. 

Round 2 is set to begin on Monday, May 4th. This doesn’t mean there will be no voting this week. 

While our talent acts coming up with their second performances, the Royal Idol voting platform will be showing a series of LTV PSA videos.

Much like the talent acts these will have their own set of rounds for voting. With round 1 starting now, head over to the website and take the time to watch these videos. 

Here’s the link