Preview to Teacher Appreciation Week


Thank you teachers!

Noor Andre, Editor

As Teacher Appreciation Week approaches, the Student Government Association (SGA) have many surprises planned for our teachers. Teacher Appreciation Week is celebrated during the first week of May. This year it takes place from May 4-8.

Even if students don’t recognize it, teachers change the lives of millions of students daily and impact us immensely. That is why we have this week dedicated to showing teachers that they’re recognized and appreciated for their hard work and dedication to their students.  

Especially during a time like this, it is important to show this appreciation which is why SGA has taken on the challenge of doing this virtually as best they can. 

In past years, SGA has usually hired a barista to serve different styles of coffee throughout one of the days but they are unfortunately unable to do that this year. Instead, teachers received an e-gift card from Starbucks! 

As it has been hard to find ways to celebrate this week out of school, SGA has made it possible and have many things planned. 

Without spoiling any of their surprises, Ms. Lexi Quintero, one of the SGA moderators, has sent out an email with a form that allows students to give teacher superlatives. This will allow the students to express what they specifically appreciate about each of their teachers. 

SGA has also planned a video surprise among other things that will remain a secret for the time being. 

Besides everything SGA is doing, there are also many others ways to show teachers your appreciation. You could reach our to your teachers and let them know that what they are doing is appreciated and be specific!

During virtual school, it can be hard to feel motivated about going to class and putting in effort but something as simple as joining zoom and doing your work shows a lot. 

“Showing up to zoom classes and doing your work goes a long way. Teachers have been rockstars throughout this entire transition to virtual learning. Going along with what is planned shows appreciation for all the hard work done in the back end,” said Ms. Quintero. 

One small way each student can thank their teachers is by sending them a personalized email. Special stationary for the emails can be downloaded from here, and here, and here, and here. Don’t feel limited to sending email just to your teachers this year. Emails can be sent to old teachers, as well as club moderators, coaches and administrators.