Graduating High School During a World-Wide Pandemic


Sasha Kuntz, Writer

The coronavirus has affected so many things in the world. People have lost their jobs, schools have been cancelled, and more people are getting sick every day. To think that we are living through history right now is crazy isn’t it?

Although COVID-19 hasn’t hit my family in the worst way, I, as a graduating senior, have missed out on so many things that I never even gave much importance to. 

Taking prom pictures, going to Grad Bash with my close friends, and seeing my parents cry as I walk up to the stage on my graduation day are just a few things that not only me, but 12th graders all around the world are missing the chance to experience. 

And now we have to go into college, some of us even in the summer, without giving a proper goodbye to our old lives. Rather than talking it as a stepping stone, we are diving headfirst into adulthood with no idea what to expect. 

Having to do everything virtually is pretty strange. We are seeing our classmates and teachers through a screen, emailing staff instead of talking to them, and having an online graduation. 

Even though the situation is less than desirable, everyone is working hard to make it work. I couldn’t be more grateful for the parents and ILS putting together things like a surprise senior brunch, cap and gown deliveries, and graduation posters and signs. 

I can’t deny spending a good portion of my day thinking about the experiences that the corona virus has robbed from me, but as the last day of school and “graduation day” are quickly approaching, there are also some positive that has come out of this. 

Firstly, the class of 2020 has definitely grown stronger. No, we aren’t all together, but this inconceivable time in history has taught us to not take anything for granted. Not even the walks in between classes were you’d see all your friends. 

If someone asks me for high school advice in the future, I’ll tell them to enjoy and be present in every moment, because it’s such an amazing time in life. So go to every dance, and every retreat because you never know what’s going to be thrown your way.