ILS Royal Gallery Virtual Exhibit!


Noor Andre, Editor

On May 14th, the art department hosted a virtual art gallery exhibit. The culminating exhibit displays over 140 pieces of work from many of our art disciplines, grades, and skill levels. 

The gallery was made available using a virtual gallery platform, a web based gallery in which you can build your gallery from scratch, starting with blue print, layout of walls and rooms, paint, textures and any architectural details. Then, uploading all the individual pieces of students work and labeling.

A link was sent to students, teachers, and parents to this gallery and those who attended were able to take a “stroll” around the gallery and admire the art work. They were also able to leave respectful comments for the aspiring artists. 

Mrs. Elena Capablanca was the museum manager, as she played the role of builder and organizer, using her refined graphics skills. She hosted a quick intro in a ZOOM “Epic Gallery Hop” that was optional at 8pm where she spoke a little bit more about the mechanics of the gallery and answered any questions.

Mrs. Capablanca wanted to find a way to showcase her students’ final pieces as this is always done in school. She believes exposure is an important part of growing as an artist.

“We are proud of all our art students this year and hope this platform can provide a way to share and gather even during social distancing. Exhibiting works is an integral part in the growth and development of any aspiring artist,” said Mrs. Capablanca. 

The entire fine arts department was able to participate in this by providing some of the best student art works from all different classes such as costume design, photography, STEAM pieces, graphics, drawings, and paintings. They were very excited to be able to  give their students an opportunity of having their work showcased.

“The fine arts department is really excited about this opportunity to embrace and adapt our presentations to be able to curate a virtual gallery given our current situation,” said head of the fine arts department, Mrs. Camille Wildenburg.