Drama Club’s New Executive Board


ILS Drama Club held their board elections last week.

Sophia Rabelo, Writer

On May 8th, 2020, the ILS Drama Club held a Zoom meeting to conduct elections for their executive board in 2020-2021.

Days prior to the election, Mrs. Rodriguez, the drama club director/monitor, sent out emails explaining that students could film their speech or choose to do it live on the zoom call, as long as it was under one minute. Many students took this opportunity to create fun videos and/or write their speeches.

Being that the previous Drama Club executive board was made up of almost all seniors, this gave a feeling of anxiety but mostly excitement. Many students were anxious because the executive board had not really changed in three years, but this also brought excitement for those who were willing to take on the takes of leading the club into a bright future.

After the speeches were said and the videos were played, everyone was given a link to a google form were they placed their votes for the respected positions. Students who ran and did not win were able to email Mrs. Rodriguez for a appointed position.

The results were: President – Isabel Beltran; Vice President – Cecilia Harding; Secretary – Cecilia Muniz; Treasurer – Paola Balcaceres; Media Rep/LTV – Francjose Lopez; and  Media Rep/Social – Sophia Rabelo.

The Thespians Honor Society also established a new board for the next school year. This includes: Thespians President – Sophia Orihuela and Thespians VP – Nicole Musi.

Appointed Members are: Improv Captain – Alma Pichardo; Art Department Head – Sam Abadie; Historian – Pablo Amat; Chaplain – Delia Sauer; and Service Coordinator – Amy Lam.

Everyone in drama club is very excited to now have a very diverse executive board with seniors, juniors, and sophomores.

Next year will be an exciting year for drama club as this new board takes the task of leadership!