Spanish Honor Society Welcomes New Faces


Bianca Sanz, Writer

Last week, the Spanish Honor Society had their very first general meeting over zoom. It was a brief meeting for the new inductees and the board gave important information.

The current executive board consist of Junior Andrea Ulivi as President, Junior Isa Machado as Vice President, Senior Sofia Concepcion as Secretary, and Senior Sebastian Cologne as Treasurer. The moderator for the Spanish Honor Society is Diego Garcia, who is also a Spanish teacher at ILS.

The meeting was also an opportunity to see each other as a group, give the farewell to the seniors who participated in the past years in the Spanish Honor Society, and give the welcome to the new members.

There were many new faces, in facts there were 68 new members that were inducted. The meeting had around 120 students in total, but they added 43 sophomores, 22 juniors, and 3 seniors to the Spanish Honor Society 2020-2021 school year.

The SHS Board spoke about future activities, responsibilities as members of the society, the voting of the new executive board, and sweaters!

SHS biggest event is Feria Latina, which usually takes place during October around the ILS Campus.

Feria Latina is a day where we all unite as a school to celebrate Latino Heritage. It’s a festive day full of delicious food from different Latino countries, fun activities around school, and some arts and crafts.

They aren’t really sure what we will be doing next year for Feria Latina since they are still unsure how the school year will play out, but the society is going to try their best to plan for the future.

“I am excited for the next school year, being President this year helped me think about how I interacted with the board, the moderator, and the rest of the honor society and how we can better the Spanish Honor Society and what we can each bring to improve and to get everyone to participate more.” said President Andrea Ulivi.

They are also still planning how the voting will play out but hopefully we will be able to do so next year in school.

And the beloved sweater design will remain the same from last year.

Lastly, ILS would like to congratulate all of those who were inducted to their Honor Societies!