College Announcements on Instagram


Marjorie Amaral, Editor

Seniors finally finished their school year last Friday, May 15th, and are now on their way to make new memories in college. Over the last month, the ILS Instagram has shared where the seniors will be going for their next years of educations. The Class of 2020 is a talented group, and they’ve spread out throughout the country for their college experience.

Seniors going to University of Central Florida are:

  • Isabella Perez-Abreu for biomedical sciences,
  • Sophia Debora for theater design & teachnology,
  • Marcello Aedo for aerospace engineering,
  • Julian Guerra for chemistry,
  • Cesar Camacho for emerging media: animation,
  • Isabella Scalese for health sciences,
  • and Christine Hawkins for computer science.

Seniors going to University of Miami are:

  • Ivette Acosta for a biology on pre-med track,
  • Julia Campos for public health,
  • Alyssa Garcia for architecture,
  • Giuliani Torres still undecided,
  • and Jacques Calixte for pre-med track.

Many of our seniors are going to Florida International University, including:

  • Matthew Bared for psychology,
  • Nina Losas for marketing,
  • Andrea Lopez del Rincon for criminal justice & psychology,
  • Daniella Hakim for business administration,
  • Loraine Chavez for hospitality,
  • Tatiana Alvarez for business,
  • Ariana Perez for interior design architecture,
  • Gabriel Perdomo for finance,
  • Mikayla Sanchez-Torrelio for biology,
  • Emily Rodriguez for marketing,
  • Alexa Martinez del Castro for biomedical,
  • Thiago Amarante for finance,
  • Isabella Sanchez for business management,
  • Gabriella Caputo for psychology,
  • Jayleen Peraza still undecided,
  • Alyssa Arriera for psychology,
  • Martina Larrauri (undecided),
  • Eduardo Santos (undecided),
  • Pepe Lopez de Ayala for mechanical engineering,
  • Kevin Quiroga for business management,
  • Chelsea Arturo for biological sciences,
  • Giorgio Fernandez for informational technologies,
  • Arlene Banegas for biology,
  • Marcus Ramos for speech pathology,
  • Sebastian Calonge for architecture,
  • Andrew Quade for biological/enviromental sciences,
  • Gabriella Pierre for biology,
  • Sasha Kuntz for dietetics & nutrituion,
  • Arianna Alvarez for biomedical engineering,
  • and Diana Durand for biology.

Seniors going to University of Florida are:

  • Isa Martinez-Moure for business and sustainability,
  • Julia Taquechel for health sciences,
  • Chiara Kusmierek for finance,
  • Isabella Falero for health sciences & women’s studies,
  • Damian Carames for accounting,
  • Kathleen Garcia for chemical engineering,
  • Nicole Hawley for exploring social & behavioral sciences,
  • and Olivia Kish for public health.

Seniors headed for Florida State University are:

  • Sophia Barreto for political sciences,
  • Sebastian Pozo for business,
  • Catherine Medina for behavioral neuroscience & chemistry,
  • Daniela Diaz for dietetics,
  • Sophia Kish for film,
  • Maryrose George for finance,
  • and Andy Abreu for exercise physiology.

Seniors going to Miami Dade College are:

  • Franci Amarante for criminal justice,
  • Javier Pineda for architecture,
  • John Paul Porven for computer science,
  • Hector Gonzalez for mechanics,
  • Cristina Herrera still undecided,
  • Gianluca Conci for physical therapy,
  • Najib Chafra for nursing,
  • and Gabriella Giua-Abella for psychology.

Seniors going to Miami Dade College of Honors are:

  • Danielle Nicole Ladron de Guevara for biology,
  • Candelaria Del Carril for finance,
  • Yasmine Regueira for communications science & disorder,
  • Enrique Alonso for industrial engineering,
  • Valentina Pafumi for biology,
  • Alicia Fortuny for nursing,
  • and Miguel Goncalves for mechanical engineering.

Seniors going to Savannah College of Art and Design are:

  • Sofia Bravo Giusti for film & television,
  • Michael Bared for industrial design,
  • Pedro Gayo for film & television,
  • Andrea Hernandez for fashion marketing & management,
  • and Carlota Sosa for graphic design.

Seniors headed to University of South Florida are:

  • Alejandro Detorre for criminology,
  • Alexandra Tsotsos for biomedical sciences,
  • and Sophie Perikles for psychology.

Seniors going to Marymount University are:

  • Jenna Medina for criminal justice,
  • and Sophia Hernandez for history.

Seniors going to St. Thomas University are:

  • Zachary Barrios for criminal justice
  • and Francis Coronado for sports management.

Seniors headed to The New School are:

  • Sofia Armando for arts management & entrepreneurship,
  • and Sofia Sidelnik for communication design.

Seniors going to Santa Fe College are:

  • Sofia Concepcion for nursing,
  • Angela Pinto for pre law,
  • and Stephanie Murphy for business.

Seniors headed to the American School are:

  • Anabella Bozo for pre med,
  • and Magdalena Bolinaga still undecided.

Seniors headed off to Penn State are:

  • Juan Gaspard for computer engineering,
  • and Valerie Bucaram for criminology.

Seniors going to Florida Gulf Coast University are:

  • Kamani Turner still undecided,
  • and Nicolas Quintero for dentistry.

Seniors headed off to Fordham are:

  • Valentina Bustamante still undecided,
  • and Benjamin Rodriguez for finance.

Seniors going to Loyola Marymount University are:

  • Sofia Velasco for Biology,
  • and Gianella Martinez-Gugliotta for communications.

Leslie Andreu will be attending Loyola University Chicago.

Victoria Tremols will be attending Loyola University New Orleans.

Damien Sorondo is headed off to Barry University for pre nursing.

Katia Perez- Sanchez will be attending Valencia College for marketing & sports management.

Antonio Miranda is headed off to College of Charleston for finance & entrepreneurship.

Ernesto Walter is headed off to Rochester Institute or Technology for mechanical engineering.

Lia Cheung will be attending University of Nevada for hospitality.

Alexandra Rodriguez is headed off to Boston College for applied psychology & human development.

Camila Morenobo is headed off to Emmanuel College for pre med.

Lauren Fuentes is headed off to Hawaii Pacific University for pre med.

Maia Koch will be attending Boston University for biology.

Jessica Saavedra is headed off to Emerson College for business of creative enterprise.

Annabel Vasquez is headed off to Northern University for architecture.

Daniela Armella is headed off to Dartmouth for neuroscience & global health.

Giuseppe Roca is headed off to University at Buffalo for biochemistry.

Victoria Alonso is headed off to University of North Carolina School of the Arts for acting.

Elizabeth Alonso will be attending Case Western Reserve University for nutritional biochemistry & metabolism.

Isabella Perez will be attending the University of Chicago for history & literature.

Carlos Herrera will be attending Nova Southeastern University for business management.

Katerina Romanach is headed off to Southern Methodist University for history.

Fabiana Rincon is headed off to HULT for business administration.

Amanda Fennema will be attending the Catholic University of America for psychology.

Anna Habsburg will be attending Elon University for psychology.

Gabriela Aranguiz is headed off to Stanford and is still undecided.

Ann Peal Castellanos is headed off to Babson for business & entrepreneurship.

Miguel Valle will be attending New York University for engineering.

Congratulations seniors! ILS students and staff will keep all of you in our prayers and thoughts in this new stage of your lives!